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The 2023 Alderney Fly-in
1st – 3rd September

Make a date in your diary. This year, the 2023 Alderney Fly-In will take place over the weekend of 1st-3rd September 2023. Apart from the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful island of Alderney, we are offering a lively programme of events. starting Friday evening with a welcome drinks and BBQ. More info…

Flight Lt. Colin Bell DFC Guest of Honour at Alderney Flying Club Talk & Dinner

Based on his wartime experiences, the 102-year-old WWII pilot, Colin Bell (left), enthralled his audiences with tales of the 50 extremely hazardous bombing raids he and his navigator, Doug Redmond, carried out over wartime Germany. These included 13 sorties over Berlin, the most heavily defended city in the Third Reich. All of them in an unarmed Mosquito bomber.

According to Colin Bell, “Any aircraft attacking a German target could expect a warm reception, but Berlin was in a class of its own. The anti-aircraft guns were lethal. When a battery of these were targeted on you and firing it could give you one hell of a fright”. On one occasion after a particularly nasty experience he said to his navigator…

“You aren’t frightened are you Doug?” and he replied “No I am bloody terrified” and that just about summed it up.

Over 130 people attended Colin Bell’s talk on May 25th, in which he was interviewed by Mark Vickers. The talk ended with a well deserved standing ovation for Colin. The evening ended with a dinner organised jointly by the Alderney Flying Club and the Alderney Society at the Blonde Hedgehog.

New for 2023 – two exclusive offers for GA pilots from the Alderney Flying Club in conjunction with…

Alderney’s Unique Boutique Hotel

Blonde Hedgehog ‘Fly-overs’

Blonde Hedgehog ‘Fly-overs’ are an exclusive offer from the Alderney Flying Club for a small group of GA Pilots and their friends to spend a day on the beautiful Island of Alderney and enjoy a delicious lunch at the Blonde Hedgehog Boutique Hotel. More information

Blonde Hedgehog ‘Stay-overs’

Blonde Hedgehog ‘Stay-overs’ are an exclusive offer from the Alderney Flying Club on behalf of the Blond Hedgehog, for GA pilots and their partners to fly over to Alderney and spend a night at the unique Blonde Hedgehog Boutique Hotel from just £125 per night in a double room with continental breakfast. More information

2023 Fly-in Dates Announced

Aircraft arriving for the 2022 Fly-in.

While the fly-in is still a few months away, don’t forget to book your accommodation as early as you can! To view and book your accommodation, please go to the VisitAlderney website where all hotels, guesthouses and self-catering establishments are listed.

We look forward to welcoming you to our island home

About Us

This year the 2023 Fly-in is to be held over the weekend of the 1st to 3rd September.
We will be announcing the programme and open up registration in June. In addition to the ever popular boat trips, island tours, Gala Dinner, and Awards Ceremony, we hope to add some new attractions. However, for many, the big attraction is the simple enjoyment of spending a few days on the beautiful island of Alderney.

The Alderney Flying Club was founded to promote General Aviation in the Channel Islands with a particular focus on Alderney, the most northerly of the Channel Islands. Our position 8 miles off the Normandy coast makes us an ideal pilots destination either as a stopover or to stay for a few days, or even make your home here. Alderney airfield was the first airfield to be developed in the islands in 1935 and remains the only airfield in the region with three runways, which come in very handy for the GA community flying here because we do have a bit of wind at times. The small size of the island means that the many attractions we offer, from Gannets and puffins to the best preserved small Roman Fort in the UK, are all within easy walking or cycling distance. We also have hire cars and Taxis and our own railway, the later operating weekends and bank holidays throughout the spring and summer.

From a pilot’s viewpoint EGJA had the first GPS (now RNP) approach certified in the UK and with the recent changes post Brexit we will be one of only three airfields in the UK to retain that facility, along with our neighbours in Guernsey and Jersey.

Our most popular event is the Fly-In which has been held in June annually for around 25 years. At its peak in the 1970’s the Fly-In attracted over a hundred planes. These days, numbers are usually nearer fifty but we still aim to put on a programme that will help visiting pilots and their passengers explore Alderney’s heritage, appreciate its flora and fauna, and enjoy themselves. Read a report on the 2022 Alderney Fly-in here.