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AVGAS 100LL Now Available at Alderney Airport

Thanks to the efforts of Phil Domaille at his team at Fuel Supplies CI Limited (Rubis) AVGAS 100LL is now available at Alderney Airport (EGJA). Any aircraft requiring fuel can request it on arrival, via ATC, or contact our local refuelers, Richard and Dave, on on 01481 824666.

Channel Islands Airspace

Download the Channel Island VFR Flight Planning Guide here

Alderney Airport

Alderney is unique amongst Channel Islands airports, in having three operational runways. The main runway, 26/08 is 880 metres long and is mainly asphalt. The two secondary runways are both grass. 13/31 being 732 metres long, with 03/21 having a length of 497 metres. The main runway is equipped with low intensity lighting, with portable lighting being available on runway 14/32. Alderney has an NDB (383.0 KHz ‘ALD’), providing a useful approach aid, together with recently approved GPS approaches.

Visiting pilots are requested to visit the Flight Clearance Office on arrival (adjacent to the Fire Station) to pay fees. A self-briefing unit is also available in the Flight Clearance Office, with a direct fax links to both Alderney and Guernsey ATC. Free wifi is available in the terminal. Hangar space is limited, especially during the summer months. Tie downs however, are normally available.

Normally the airport charges per movement (i.e.both a landing and a takeoff are movements). Full details of Landing and Parking charges can be found in section 4 of the Alderney schedule of Charges published by the Guernsey Airport authorities – More Information here.

CI TAFs here
Jersey Met Aviation Forecast here
CI aviation forecaster +44 0905 8077777 (Premium rates apply)
Alderney Met +44 1481 822851

Airport Contacts
+44 1481 822851
Flight Clearance:
+44 1481 822551

Summer Opening Hours (April – September)
Monday – Thursday
07:40 to 18:30 local time (UTC +1) 
Friday – Sunday 
07:45 to 19:30 local time (UTC +1)

Winter Opening Hours (October – March):
07:40 to 18:30 UTC

Marshalling Hand Signals

For those pilots who are planning to attend our Annual Fly-in, please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the following Hand Signals. For a full list of hand signals, see CAP 637