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The 21st Island Air Races’ - 2018


An Invitation to ‘The Races’


Following extended, but successful negotiations between your Committee and the Guernsey Airport Authorities, the Alderney Annual Island Air Races are back.


Hopefully you won’t need reminding that this year's ‘Island Air Races’ take place on Alderney over the weekend of the 21st, 22nd, & 23rd September 2018 (main arrival day Friday 21st).


Those of you who have been before will know what the general format is. If, on the other hand, you haven’t and want to know more about us, you can start by visiting the States of Alderney website www.visitalderney.com


You may already have started to think where to go for what could be the final outing of the year. With costs in mind, you will need to plan your flying time carefully to ensure that you not only have a pleasant few days away to enjoy Alderney hospitality, but at the same time, buy some duty free spirits and cigarettes and fly back home with full tanks of duty free fuel.


What better reasons could there be to come to Alderney, than to combine a relaxing long weekend visit to the Island, with meeting up with the best race pilots in the UK?


The changes to lower airspace of the Channel islands Control Zone, means that there won’t be any ‘PPO’ arrival restrictions. But, it will help us to help you to have a smooth arrival, if you register your details with the Alderney Flying Club, so that we can issue you with an arrival number, confirm your slot time and more importantly ensure that you will qualify for the special race weekend landing and parking charges **. If the idea appeals to you, why not download a Registration Form at www.flyalderney.com If you need any further information you can either telephone me on 01481 822297, or e-mail me at burridge@cwgsy.net




** Your LANDING FEE FOR THE WHOLE ‘NON RACE’ WEEKEND (Arriving any time from Thursday through to Sunday inclusive) WILL BE JUST £12 for S/E and £22 for M/E AIRCRAFT, INCLUDING 72 HRS FREE PARKING.


Airspace Changes - In case you aren’t fully ‘up to speed’ with our airspace changes, you no longer have to do battle with a Class ‘A’ Channel Island Control Zone, as the airspace below FL80 has been re-classified as Class ‘D’


NOTE: On 17th August 2017 Channel Island Airspace adopted the Standardised European Rules of the Air with NO derogations. VFR and SVFR minima in the Channel Island CTR are aligned with the rest of Europe.


For helpful information about these airspace changes, visit www.cicz.co.uk


For everything else you need to know about Alderney and its airport, visit www.flyalderney.com and www.visitalderney.com


We look forward to seeing you in September